Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Stephen S. Rathod

Pastor cropped

I am more passionate about God and His Word today than I was when I got saved in 1974.”

That statement summarizes Rev. Stephen Rathod’s passion: knowing God and ministering His uncompromising Word.

Though he was born the son of a Methodist pastor in Gujarat, India, he didn’t serve the Lord until he came to the United States in 1974 to study at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The day he gave his life to the Lord Jesus, he vowed that he would be a commando for Christ.

After more than forty years of ministry, he has no regrets.  He is still on fire for God and consumed with making heaven his home and taking as many with him as he can. He lives what he preaches and preaches what he lives. He is passionate about ministering to ministers and challenging them to preach what they live.

Rev. Rathod has a master’s degree in organic chemistry and two doctorate degrees, but he is like the Apostle Paul: All of that means nothing to him when compared with knowing Christ and the hope of His calling. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa to teach the Word of God and train ministers.

Since 1980, Rev. Rathod and his wife, Lee, have faithfully served at Covenant Family Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He became the Senior Pastor in 1994.