Our Vision

logo2God has called us to be a Family Church,  a Charismatic Teaching Center, Reaching the World.

Our method in doing this is by Loving, Reaching and Touching.

Loving the Unloved: While we were unlovable, Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us. God loves through us. Before we can love others, we must love ourselves and our families-natural and spiritual. Love never fails.

Reaching the Unreached: God reached down from heaven to us. Like God, we  initiate the contact. Love always reaches. Reaching others is a challenge that can be achieved. We must reach with compassion.

Touching the Untouched: We must be touched by God before we touch others. We can touch others by our words and action. We can touch the untouched and make them whole. We should be touchable.

Our goal is to make Heaven our home. In order to do this, we must believe and obey the Word of God completely and live a life that is totally pleasing to Him.